Air Wonder is the new plant family that Bromini is bringing to the market. Air Wonder consists of a group of air plants that come from the Bromeliad family called Tillandsia.

With this new selection Bromini bring green life into your home in a new way.

Care of air plants

In order to take good care of the air plants, it is important to know what they need to stay healthy.
Here is a short list of things that are important.

  • Water the air plants once every two weeks with a hand sprayer / nebulizer
    (if the plant is in an environment where the humidity is high, then you only need to water the plant little)
  • Keep the plant in partial shade
  • The plants can live in temperatures of 10-35 degrees Celsius

For more information about plant care click this link


The Tillandsia family has more than 400 species. Under which we sell these