Bromeliads are native to the tropical rainforest of South America. The Bromeliads grow there on the trunk or branches of trees. Most Bromeliads grow high in the trees to receive as much (sun) light as possible. The plant does not live on its host, but feeds on rainwater, old rotting leaves and bird droppings. The Bromeliad captures all this in the heart of the plant. Because the heart of the Bromeliad is ” tubular ”, the water with the nutrients remains in the plant.

Bromeliad’s not only feed on this, other animals in the tropical rainforest also use this so-called water storage. For example, birds, monkeys, frogs and other insects make grateful use of these Bromeliads.

Especially for the so-called poison frog, the Bromeliad is an indispensable plant in their reproduction process. The poison frogs in turn use the water in the Bromeliad’s tube to deposit their frogspawn in it.